The Wreckers

Stand Still, Look Pretty is an apt title for pop-country duo The Wreckers. Not only are Michelle Branch and her former backup singer, Jennifer Harp, easy on the eyes, but their lilting, almost childlike harmonies are gorgeous. With practically interchangeable vocals on their debut CD, Branch and Harp chirp their way through 12 songs — mostly originals — filled with pop hooks, country flourishes, bluesy guitar solos, and even a few power chords. Their music, however, clearly revolves around strummed acoustic guitars. One need only listen to the duo's sublime version of Patty Griffin's "One More Girl" to feel their vocal and emotive prowess. Some of the songs on Stand Still, Look Pretty are a bit cookie-cutter, and some of the themes are too cute. But The Wreckers mix it up well and keep listeners begging for more with their harmonies and humor.


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