The Youngs

"It's all downhill from here," Eryn Young declaims on "The Last Migration," and the band makes good on its threat with a sinister disc overflowing with bleak melodies and an atmosphere fueled by an unlikely mix of electronica and Americana. This husband-and-wife team occupies a space somewhere between the Handsome Family and Tom Waits, punctuating simple, folky airs with Tim Young's experimental electric guitar digressions and jittery percussion loops. The couple harmonizes on "The Industrial Way," a nightmarish road song that catalogues the bleak landscape of a decaying city, while "Pride and Shame" inspects the chasm between the love we want and the love we settle for with a variety of musical and lyrical styles, from free jazz to straight-ahead rock. The Youngs aren't everybody's cup of hemlock, but if you get your kicks on the dark side, you might want to hitch a ride in their eccentric jalopy.


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