The Zombies @ Celebrity Theatre

Breathe In, Breathe Out is the new record from The Zombies. Yeah, those Zombies, the band that recorded "She's Not There," "Time of the Season," and "Care of Cell 44." The band that recorded Odyssey and Oracle, which created the framework for most modern psychedelic pop. The new record finds the group sounding far more "adult contemporary than that record," but there's a spark twitching in the album's songs that makes it clear that the duo of songwriter Rod Argent and vocalist Colin Blunstone are having a hell of a lot of fun. "Most of the basic tracks were recorded live, with the band playing together in the studio," Blunstone says. "When we did the Odessey and Oracle Live concert, it struck me how nice the energy was from all the guys playing together and interacting," Argent says. "I thought, 'That's something that's really quite valuable; let's capture some of that again.' That's obviously the way we used to do things — there wasn't any other way at the time." The title track recalls the smooth AOR pop of Steely Dan, with the vocal chemistry of the Zombies of lore. It's a testament to the duo's creative partnership. "It just seems to work," Blunstone says. "There are certain people you just seem to get on with. It's just like in any other area of life . . . When we get into a recording studio, it just seems to work. It's not something we've questioned much."


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