's West Valley Invasion Party

To say that Nik Richie has had a beef with the West Valley is as an obvious understatement as saying that Hamas and Israel are known to get into a minor dust-up once in a while. The infamous "reality blogger" has spent years on his debaucherous tattletale site labeling anyone hailing from the other side of I-17 as trailer trash. A truce has apparently been declared, however, as Richie is planning on hosting a West Valley Invasion Party on Friday, January 23, at the recently renovated Hurricane Bay, 4139 West Bell Road. The dapper dude will be poppin' Dom all night long at the event, which celebrates the launching of a section of that Web site exclusively devoted to the west side. In addition to appearances by The Dirty's wack pack of pseudo-celebrities (including P-Nazi and G-Girl), the fete will feature resident DJs Greggy D and Leon spinning up hip-hop and Top 40 on the ones and twos all night. The cover is $6 per person after 9 p.m. Call 602-843-6100 for table reservations.


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