Thee Jaguar Sharks

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Phoenix surf-rock trio Thee Jaguar Sharks should change their name, like, yesterday. You can dick with the definitive article all you want — it doesn't mitigate the fact that there are at least three other working American bands named after the chimerical Life Aquatic beasty. Granted, it's a pretty choice Wes Anderson reference, but there are others, and most of them are unclaimed: Yankee Races or Futura Bold or even Friscalating Dusklight. Any one of those would look super-hip on a concert flier, too. The thing is, we like Thee Jaguar Sharks, as far as substance goes. They're arguably the best surf-rock band to play locally since The Hypno-Twists used to jam at the now-defunct Emerald Lounge. They're almost as good as Los Straitjackets, who were very, very good. But that extra hit of "e" kind of bugs us. Maybe guitarist James Miles and company — who formed last October and will release their debut album later this year — will emerge victorious in the Jaguar Sharks notoriety sweepstakes. If not, they can always call themselves The Max Fischer Players. Whoops, already taken.


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