These Arms Are Snakes

If you're still in mourning over the demise of the mighty Jesus Lizard (five years removed, I know I am) and, to a lesser degree, At the Drive-In, then let the frenetic post-punk roar of Seattle's These Arms Are Snakes salve some of those wounds. Like the former, these guys enjoy lobbing twang-hardcore guitar grenades over a rhythm section that locks into tight, pummeling grooves, while singer Steve Snere howls distorted menace through his mic. And like the latter, TAAS isn't averse to injecting a little bit of math-ish, Dischord-inspired melody and atmosphere during the quieter spots to build up the tension before each explosive release. Together for about two years now, Snakes features former members of Kill Sadie and Botch; has one EP (2003's This Is Meant To Hurt You); and will drop a full-length on Jade Tree in September. The band also has a cool light show (strobes galore!), and Snere will probably spend most of the gig launching himself into the crowd or shimmying up a pole or something. However, a David Yow-style "tight and shiny" testicle trick is highly unlikely.


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