Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind

It's been six years, but the wait is over for die-hard Third Eye Blind fans — all 10 of them. TEB is set to release Ursa Major, their first studio album in six years, in August. The disc's release date has been pushed back repeatedly, which rarely bodes well for a band, but here's hoping Third Eye Blind will put out a solid effort filled with the sugary poppy-rock goodness that made them a household name once upon a time. Guitarist Tony Fredianelli recently told Billboard that the album's oft-delayed release was due to "recording and rerecording the record a couple of times" along with singer Stephan Jenkins' writer's block. He added, "We got past all of that and we're starting to see the sun in the dawn." Oh, and the band will release its latest disc independently, because Elektra, TEB's former label, went under. Perhaps the group, which scored big with "Semi-Charmed Life" in the '90s, is poised to finally make that comeback with Ursa Major, which translates to "great bear" in Latin. The new single, "Non-Dairy Creamer," which you can hear on the group's Web site, is getting some radio play around the U.S. and the band received a warm welcome at this year's Bamboozle Fest.

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