Through the Eyes of the Dead

Through the Eyes of the Dead will sneak up from behind to snap its enemy's neck. The South Carolina band blends ominous growling with sweet melodies, creating metal (with a touch of grind) that will get stuck in your head. Anthony Gunnels' vocals express such agony that one can imagine the singer writhing on the floor as he spurts his anger. Beyond the emotion, the vocalist has the ability to smoothly transition between high-pitched yells and deep growls, conjuring thoughts of the Red Chord. At times, the drumming in TTEOTD songs is so fast it twists into a ticking sound. That kind of speed isn't solely from a trigger -- this guy is good. The guitarists are notable as well, with guitars that soar with feverish speed but always remain melodic, much like those by Swedish metal kings In Flames. With all the bases covered -- powerful vocals, searing guitars and breakneck rhythm -- this band is nothing short of crushing.


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