Throw Rag

Nowheresvilles have always produced more than their fair share of good bands. The alchemy that breeds inspiration from frustration works overtime when the only place open late is Circle K. But while most bands wish themselves out of the dust of their home turf, Throw Rag frolics in it. On its latest, Desert Shores, the band's midtempo trash-punk groove is as ragged as its lower-Mojave, Salton Sea dominion. "The good Captain Sean Doe" sings about chicken bones, local losers and getting his "demons in a row" with a post-nasal drip of chili-cheese sauce and more memorable turns of phrase than the average punk shouter. Even forerunners the Supersuckers and Lazy Cowgirls don't serve up such a regionally distinctive dish. Kinda makes you want to go nowhere.


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