Tilly and the Wall
Tilly and the Wall

Tilly and the Wall

Hmm, what's this little story . . . Tilly and the Wall? Let's have a read:

"So the three girls and two boys from Omaha, Nebraska, decided in 2001 to form a band. They called it Tilly and the Wall. But they couldn't find a drummer!

"'Whatever shall we do?' cried Neely Jenkins to her friend and former bandmate, Conor Oberst.


Tilly and the Wall

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Scheduled to perform on Monday, July 3

"'Hush,' Conor admonished, 'I'm trying to watch Savion Glover perform on Oprah.' And then he sat upright. 'I know! Have Jamie Williams tap dance all the beats, instead of getting a drummer!' 'That's a marvelous idea!' replied Neely."

Umm, this is weird. Let's flip to the end:

". . . and then, after being signed to Oberst's Team Love label and getting favorable reviews on Pitchfork.com, Tilly and the Wall's precious, charming chamber-pop — which came across with all the wide-eyed innocence and joy of a grade-schooler's backyard theater production — was embraced and beloved by fans of the Arcade Fire and the Decemberists . . ."

With a tap dancer for a drummer? Ha! I'll believe THAT when I see it . . .


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