Tilly and the Wall

Tilly and the Wall

Hmm, what's this little story . . . Tilly and the Wall? Let's have a read:

"So the three girls and two boys from Omaha, Nebraska, decided in 2001 to form a band. They called it Tilly and the Wall. But they couldn't find a drummer!

"'Whatever shall we do?' cried Neely Jenkins to her friend and former bandmate, Conor Oberst.

"'Hush,' Conor admonished, 'I'm trying to watch Savion Glover perform on Oprah.' And then he sat upright. 'I know! Have Jamie Williams tap dance all the beats, instead of getting a drummer!' 'That's a marvelous idea!' replied Neely."

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Umm, this is weird. Let's flip to the end:

". . . and then, after being signed to Oberst's Team Love label and getting favorable reviews on Pitchfork.com, Tilly and the Wall's precious, charming chamber-pop — which came across with all the wide-eyed innocence and joy of a grade-schooler's backyard theater production — was embraced and beloved by fans of the Arcade Fire and the Decemberists . . ."

With a tap dancer for a drummer? Ha! I'll believe THAT when I see it . . .

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