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Top 10 "Harlem Shake" Videos From Phoenix (Plus One New Times Made)

Top 10 "Harlem Shake" Videos From Phoenix (Plus One New Times Made)

Tired of "Gangnam Style" yet?

Don't worry -- current meme "Harlem Shake," featuring students, office workers, and your mom getting down to Baauer's song of the same name -- is currently all anyone can talk about. The viral phenomenon has caught on like, uh, a virus, partly because it's really easy to do. All you need is a person casually dancing at the beginning, then when the bass drops, a jump cut reveals a room full of people dancing. (Clothing's optional; crazy costumes and dry humping is highly encouraged.)

We hit the YouTubes and rounded up the 10 Best Harlem Shake videos from Phoenix (and as a bonus, we tossed in the one that Phoenix New Times made).

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Harlem Shake House Party

This video kind of looks like the trailer for Project X, which leads us to believe it was a pretty fun party. The beardo shotgunning a beer next to a trash can full of cans cuts to crazy time with all sorts of characters. A shirtless guy does chin-ups while Grover sprays a drink, a shirtless cowboy is up to no good, and a very patriotic horse dances around. Oh, and there are sparklers and Boba Fett, to boot.

D-Backs do the Harlem Shake

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This video is pretty lame at first, as it looks like MLB is trying to pass the team's stretches for dancing. When the bass drops, some less coordinated players continue to stretch amongst cut-outs and big heads modeled after some of the team's best known players. We're still wondering what the guy rowing himself across the field is up to. Baxter the Bobcat pulled off a Jackass-worthy stunt by surfing on a golf cart, as somebody imitated Kirk Gibson's run.

The Coyotes did pretty much the same thing, too.

Phoenix Knights Version

Sorry Coyotes, this hockey team does it right. This video starts off strong, with a shirtless, masked hockey player dry humping on a table. We can't see his face, but he's got a nice body, so we're not complaining. The rest of the team looks fairly bored as the guy in the goalie mask does his thing, then halfway through, things get crazy. It seems a little homoerotic as all of these shirtless guys dance around in brightly colored shorts, but the guy in the American flag costume, the dancing hot dog, and the banana reading the paper totally makes it worth it. Also, what's with all the push ups?


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