Top Ten Musicians Who Cannot Tour Arizona Without Proving They're "Legal," From West Coast Sound

It's a rough time to be an Arizonan. The only thing tougher is being a brown Arizonan. Our moronic, racist legislation, (our sister paper LA Weekly uses a much better, more accurate string of adjectives in their piece) is attracting endless amounts of national attention, and the music world is not immune to said attention.

LA Weekly, published to their music blog a list of the "Top Ten Musicians Who Cannot Tour Arizona Without Proving They're "Legal". Their list includes Carlos Santana, Paul McCartney, Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga, and convicted murderer Phil Spector.

Check it out and share your thoughts. What other musicians should be nervous about entering our beloved desert state now that SB 1070 has passed?

More dailly music news after the jump..

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