Top Underrated Zombie Films

Every zombie walk and kitschy zombie indie comedy is milking the zombiemania cash cow. However, the films that paved the way still get little recognition, which is a darn shame.

These films explore just what a human can do under apocalyptic circumstances and how far people will go to survive. Also, they're really gory and just plain fun to watch. We intend to right the injustices served to these overlooked classics, and with that, we proudly present the top underrated zombie films list.

Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead) is the story of two lovers in New Zealand torn apart by the ravages of a rare rodent bite that turns people into pus-filled flesh eating machines. In his pre-Lord of the Rigs days, Peter Jackson directed this gem, which is arguably one of the best zombie movies ever made due to its intensely disgusting special effects. In the clip below, the film's heroine Paquita lays the smack down on a zombie baby.

We just had to include the Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Zombie Nightmare episode. The film itself is about a boy whose father was stabbed and killed when he was young, only for him to be hit by a car and killed later in his life. His grief-stricken mother turns to a family friend who happens to know voodoo, and the boy is re-birthed as a vengeful, roid-ragin' zombie. Adam West and Tia Carrere are in the movie, so how could you say no?

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