Torche @ Martini Ranch

Do you remember when Dave Grohl issued the Probot album? The Southern Lord Records release found the Foo Fighter teaming with Lemmy, King Diamond, and members of Soulfly, Saint Vitus, Voivod, Corrosion of Conformity, and more. It was good fun, and it allowed Grohl to shake loose the pop format he excels at in favor of some headbanging, but it furthered the notion that melodic accessibility and monster riffs were from two different worlds. Enter Miami's Torche, a band whose crunchy sound isn't afraid of a pop-centric approach. The band's most recent mini-album, Songs for Singles, plays like an experiment in earnest songcraft; songs like "U.F.O." and "Out Again" function as well as sing-alongs as they do bone crushers. The band's penchant for melodies is accompanied by a refreshing sense of humor — drummer Rick Smith said of Songs for Singles: "It's a bunch of radio-rock bullshit." Torche's tunes make attending Tuesday's show at Martini Ranch worth it, but if you need any more incentive, Big Business and Thrones open the show, both bands that feature members of the heaviest of the heavy, The Melvins. The show promises to be ungodly loud but poppy, too. Mr. Grohl would be proud.


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