Toxic Holocaust @ Clubhouse Music Venue

What's in a name, anyway? Well, when you go by "Joe Grind," plenty. Since 2003, Grind has released records under the name Toxic Holocaust, taking cues from the most disparate recesses of heavy metal, influenced by thrash, black metal, and d-beat punk. His latest, Conjure and Command, finds Grind and his live band working together in the studio for the first time, and the interplay between humans is evident on swinging tracks like "I Am Disease" and the cocky "The Liars Are Burning." No worries that Grind has abandoned the militarism of his solo recordings — "Judgment Awaits You," a just-under-two minute blast of crusty distortion puts Toxic Holocaust nicely (or nastily?) in line with long-running New Yorkers The Casualties, with whom T.H. is currently on the road.


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