Trunk Space 8th Anniversary @ Trunk Space

It used to be no big deal for Phoenix/Chicago-based folk punks Andrew Jackson Jihad to play the Trunk Space. In fact, it seems it used to happen a couple of times a week. It wasn't the first place I saw the band (that would've been at The Palace of No Malice in Tempe), but it was where I saw the duo of Sean Bonnette (guitar/vocals) and Benjamin Gallaty (bass) become the fully formed force they are today, honing their songs and curiously bleak, humanistic lyrical approach into what it is today (something that fills rooms like Crescent Ballroom and the Troubadour on Los Angeles). AJJ is far from the only band that's come of age in the Trunk Space — and this Friday they are joined by Good Amount, Dogbreth, and Liam and The Ladies in celebration of eight years of Trunk Space shows. Owners JRC and Steph Carrico will be on hand to bask in the glow of their hard work, as fans munch on free food from Green and revel in the sounds of a place that has offered Phoenix bands a place to grow, evolve, and experiment. That Gallaty and Bonnette are so happy to return to their old stomping grounds speaks volumes about both the band and the space, and the loyalty both seem to inspire.


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