Trunk Space Fest

So even if your grandma didn't get you an awesome new sweater for Christmas just begging to be shown off downtown, there are still plenty of reasons to drag your butt to Trunk Space Fest. Namely, reunion sets from some of the scene's most sorely missed acts, like Shizz founder Donald Martinez's punk rock excursion Budget Sinatra and ska legends The Dietrichs, punk rockers Chinacat Sunflower, as well as a comedy performance by the always-absurd Uncle Sku's Clubhouse (featuring onetime New Times cover boy Ryan Avery), a sure-to-be-fiery showing by local folk-punkers Andrew Jackson Jihad, and spinning by DJ Djentrification. As if all that weren't enough, fantastic next-door neighbors the Bikini Lounge will be serving $2 PBRs from 2 to 8 p.m. with the Trunk Space receiving half of each sale. Admission is only $5, so it shouldn't be too hard to scrounge up the cash from those cards your aunts and uncles put in your stocking, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better combination of awesome music, cheap booze, and comedy to help you forget the Griswoldian Yuletide disasters that befell your holiday season.


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