Tucson Rapper Releases "1-8-11" - Song About Giffords Tragedy

Tucson Rapper Releases "1-8-11" - Song About Giffords Tragedy

A rapper with Tucson roots has recorded a song about the Giffords shooting tragedy.

Li'l Zay, an 18-year-old who previously weighed in on SB 1070, has a new song called "1-8-11," which echoes Marvin Gaye's big question: "What's Going On?"

"Like most people I just couldn't believe it, I wanted show my support for the victims and their families. I felt a song was the best way way to do that," he said in a press release.

Li'l Zay - 1-8-11 by mmcizmar

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Rap songs about controversies like SB 1070 are, of course, a lot more common than rap songs about tragedy. Quick, name a hip-hop song about 9/11. But Zay said he wanted to do it.

"Everyone has their own opinion on Hip hop and rap music, but if you look through our nation's recent history, it would be hard to find an issue that hasn't been addressed through rap. Reflective and uplifting lyrics are just as much a part of the
music genre as all the negative stuff that gets a lot of attention," he said.

Zay also made a video, which you can see below.

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