Twisted the Night Away

It's been a while since we hit up Scottsdale for some photo action, so when we heard that Twisted Restaurant was clearing out tables and throwing down a dance floor, we decided to check it out. (Click here for more photos.) On Friday, November 16, we weren't the only folks looking for a new Scottsdale dig, because the place had a healthy crowd looking to sip some cocktails and get down to some dance beats.

The floor was a nice size, allowing plenty of wiggle room — unlike most Scottsdale dance clubs, where the floor is so packed you're forced to grind against your neighbor, whether you like it or not. No solid mass of writhing bodies here, so we witnessed some stellar moves. The highlight was when a tall man in a fishnet shirt busted out a P.E. coach whistle and blasted some shrill sounds in time with the music. That's exactly the kind of thing we like to see.


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