Compared to his pioneering work as a producer, drummer and bandleader, ?uestlove's DJ career seems modest and unassuming. Live, he usually plays to the people in the crowd (whether they're VIP glitterati at a posh nightclub or hundreds of enthusiasts at a hole-in-the-wall rock bar), mostly avoids too-rare grooves and underground joints, and doesn't adorn his mixes with fancy scratches or blending techniques. That said, he's always had a knack for enduring concepts, and Babies Making Babies 2: Misery Strikes Back . . . No More Babies is no exception. It's a no-frills compilation of breakup songs perfect for your un-Valentine's Day, including classics like Al Green's "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" and Bobby Womack's "That's the Way I Feel About You." Give ?uestlove credit for assembling a true tear-jerker that will either have you reaching for a handkerchief or loading up your CD burner.


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