Up on the Sun's EDM Halloween Playlist

Designer Drugs, "Zombies"
Designer Drugs, "Zombies"

There are two Halloweens: One is for the kids, so they can get dressed up in costumes and score candy. The other? It's known as "the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Yes that is a Mean Girls quote.

I'll be honest and state that I must be a little kid at heart, because when it comes to Halloween all I seem to care about is the candy. (Target after Halloween has candy on sale; it's basically heaven.) But that doesn't mean I can't get down with some grownup Halloween fun. In that spirit, I thought I'd come up with a perfected, positively spooky EDM mix to blast at your Halloween party (or rave, if you dare to call it that).

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Get your costume on, and get down. With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, it's looking like this weekend is your best chance to cut loose.

Flux Pavilion, "Haunt You"

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Yes, FP is my main man, earning a spot on the list for his throw down dubstep style. He's known for his classic hits or EDM anthems such as "Cracks", "Bass Cannon," and so on, but "Haunt You" is his most spectral offering, some truly haunted house action.

Araabmuzik, "Free Spirit"

It's a shame that Araabmuzik recent opening set for Pretty Lights in Phoenix was canceled, because few are going as hard as he is these days. This whole song is a melodic build up of fear, glitchy, dirty, and scary. What could be better?

Doorly & Beardyman, "Vampire Skank

Okay, enough said. This music video is trippy and scares me to death, but that fear gives way to laughter. Like the best Halloween tunes, it's campy and fun, with a real hint of menace.

Bassnectar, "Vava Voom"

Creepy ass bass entering the room. Hell yes. Bassnectar just seems to have a little bit of a dark edgy side within this track. Not to mention that after I saw the movie Halloween, I don't want anything or anyone entering my room.

Deadmau5, "Moar Ghost n Stuff"

What's a Halloween playlist without a little Deadmau5? I'm sorry, but his track, "Ghost n Stuff" is just too obvious. But that isn't to say that Mau5's ghost is Casper, or anything friendly -- no, this is some scary ghost stuff.

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