While he's been circulating on the Austrian DJ circuit since '97, Paul Nawrata has been tooling around with various projects, most notably alongside Thievery Corporation and DJ Chaoz. His throwback style pays homage to film noir à la Serge Gainsbourg and Ennio Morricone, wrapping light electronica around heavy jazz to score virtual soundtracks for non-existing movies. Hence, Toujours le Même Film, a mostly orchestral 11-track opus consisting of a near-decade's worth of studio collaborations. He covers funkier blaxploitation with "The Incident," one of the more driving and bass-heavy cuts, though he predominantly relies on horns and keyboards throughout this cinematic soundscape. "The Lord's Dub" is another highlight, closer to gospel than reggae, though the heady beat halfway through adds a nice touch. When Nawrata finds the movie he's seeking, expect great things to happen.


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