Vader? I thought you said Veda, that chirpy adult pop band that sounds like Cocteau Twins if they left the reverb pots alone and stopped being so doggone ethereal. What? Veda is playing the Marquee on Saturday? Sheesh, what are the odds that Indian chanteuse Mira Veda is also playing in Tempe this week? Or that some of Veda's more confused fans turn up at the Vader show three days later and get fully converted into church-burning heathens by these gargling gargoyles? Come to think of it, if one of these Polish high priests of evil swapped out one of the dark transmissions Vader has emitted since the late '80s for a ditty about offering a pretty girl a freshly picked daisy, the whole foundation of death metal could crumble into cinder and ash faster than Wile E. Coyote after an ACME product demonstration. Then the head Vader would find the agitator and say, "You have disappointed me for the last time," before vaporizing him and the first seven rows for all to see. Betcha Vader would sell twice as many tour programs!


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