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Kill Rock Stars is owned by a man named Slim Moon who has better taste in music than you do. His ears are irrefutably sharp: The KRS roster is a dense handbook on indie-underground innovators and breakthrough wonders ranging from Sleater-Kinney and Elliott Smith to The Gossip and Xiu Xiu. So when the man himself handpicks a selection of artists for a compilation -- both alums of the label and non-Killers -- it would be a damn shame not to expose yourself to it. The Sound the Hare Heard reflects the growing trend for folk-inspired singer-songwriters with hearts as big as the state of Washington. Every track is perfect for smooth transitions on rainy-day mix tapes, with a list that includes stellar tracks from Devin Davis, Southerly, Jeff Hanson, Death Vessel, Sufjan Stevens, Lovers, and Wooden Wand, among others.


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