Hard times: Vistalance recoups after a robbery.

Vistalance benefit CD release party

The guys in Vistalance will be watching eBay for their stolen instruments, since some asshole stole their van (with all of their equipment inside) back in November. The local metal band's losses totaled roughly $12,000 including the van, which has since been recovered, riddled with miles and reeking of piss. Everything else seems to be gone -- the police have no leads, and nothing's turned up at the pawnshops. "All of this has set us back at least a year," says singer Vince Oleson. To rebuild, Vistalance will play a benefit CD release show, using equipment borrowed from some of the other 15 bands on the bill, which include Simplfy, Cold Fusion, Pokafase, Minus Blindfold, Twin Falls, and Girls Kicks Boy. They'll also be selling copies of their six-song EP Imbrued, which was recorded over the summer, before the curbside heist. Oleson says the EP shows the band's sonic influences, like Rage Against the Machine, and Deftones. In light of the band's recent hurdle, it also shows resilience.


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