Viva Voce @ The Rhythm Room

Love connections turned musical duos, like The White Stripes and Matt & Kim, often attract attention, but the unique chemistry sometimes steals the spotlight from the music itself. And, yeah, that often happens with Viva Voce, too. Everyone loves a love story, even if the band doesn't particularly like to tell it, but their music is far from the back-and-forth, doe-eyed babble of Sonny and Cher. The psychedelic indie Portlanders (by way of Alabama) are attached at the hip when it comes to performing, but they hardly know what it's like to do otherwise. "I've never written songs with anyone but Kevin," Viva Voce guitarist Anita Robinson says of her husband. "If you love music and you meet someone you love making music with, it's almost surprising if love doesn't follow." Love followed, but so did six full-length albums, successful tours with Jimmy Eat World and The Shins (which also landed Anita on backup vocals duty on The Shins' 2007 record Wincing the Night Away) and a their full-band psych-country side project, Blue Giant. The group's latest, The Future Will Destroy You, is full of giant riffs, monster drums, and Anita's whispered vocals, and may be the most cohesive album the band has recorded. So, really, calling this a marriage turned band serves to distract from its merit — actually, it's just the reverse.


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