Vive la France! Five Songs in Celebration of Bastille Day

Brigitte Bardot says "Happy Bastille Day."
Brigitte Bardot says "Happy Bastille Day."

Joyeux Le Quatorze Juillet, tout le monde! Pardon my Franglish, but it's Bastille Day tomorrow, so feel free to eat some cake and go raid a prison or something-- just leave your guillotine at home. La Fête Nationale celebrates the French Revolution on the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille every July 14.

The French celebrate their independence much like Americans- with parties and lots and lots of fireworks. You can indulge your inner Francophone with some language lessons and music at the Musical Instrument Museum Saturday, July 14, with performances by Stephane Wrembel, Lafayette Escargot, James Gerber, and more.

In a discussion of French music, Frédéric Chopin may be the first artist to come to mind, but we're here to expand your knowledge of la musique française.

French composer Yann Tiersen is perhaps best known as the composer of the Amélie soundtrack, and if you're looking for something French to do tomorrow, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie marathon.

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Tiersen is pretty much the epitome of French music, the songs are driven by accordion and piano. He also soundtracked Good Bye Lenin! and has seven studio albums to date.

"j'y suis jamais allé" is the unofficial Amélie theme song. The title translates to "I've never been there."

Serge Gainsbourg

Gainsbourg was ranked #12 on our neighbor blog LA Weekly's 20 sexiest male musicians of all time. Of course, he has a leg up for being a smooth singing Frenchman, but those songs are just oh-so-sexy (and sometimes wonderfully weird).

Plus, Brigitte Bardot is the only person to play Bonnie sexier than Faye Dunaway.

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