Want to Write a Song for Bears of Manitou?

Want to Write a Song for Bears of Manitou?

Not content to earn a few comparisons to Hall & Oates, a few listens, and a few laughs, Tempe-based folkies Bears of Manitou have wasted no time in following up their 1-866-25-BEARS hotline with another promotional stunt.

That's right, according to the band's Fiverr page, for just $5, you can submit some PG-13 lyrics to the band, and they will record it and add it to the selections available at 1-866-25-BEARS.

"You send us the lines (think chorus) we create the melodies," the band writes on the site.

A nice break from the normal Kickstarter requests, right? Are you going to bite? We'd love to hear the results.

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