Wednesday 13 has goth grit.

Wednesday 13

No tough goth punk worth his or her high-heeled steel-toed boots would let a broken collarbone get in the way of making great glam trash music. Not only did Wednesday 13, former vocalist/guitarist of Murderdolls and Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, continue performing after a devastating car crash last October, but he used his shattered clavicle as a reason to revamp his live shows. "Once I realized I couldn't play guitar with my broken collar bone . . . I knew I really had to push the visual aspect of the show," Wednesday 13 said on his Web site, Heavily inspired by horror movies, Wednesday 13's performances include ghoulish homages to sex and death, as well as gritty, metallic goth-punk tunes like "Bad Things," from the 2005 Roadrunner album, Transylvania 90210 (which contains lyrics like "I wanna kill you, dig you up, and do it again"). In addition to increasing the visuals in his live shows, Wednesday 13 has also ditched the record labels — after parting ways with Roadrunner, he released Fang Bang in 2006 on Rykodisc, and will self-release his newest CD, Skeletons, in April.


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