We're Starting to Like Chris Brown Again... Are You?

We're Starting to Like Chris Brown Again... Are You?

Don't judge me, but I'm sort of digging Chris Brown's latest single, "I Can Transform Ya."

Brown's no fool--he recruited Lil' Wayne to drop a rizzap on the track, and the rapper dropped it like it's hot, helping make the song even catchier.

It's an electronic-infused R&B single, and Brown sounds confident as ever. It might even be considered a love song--he croons, "Need a ride, I can Range you up, money I can change you up."

See, ladies, Chris will buy your love all day long, since he's probably not getting a whole lot of action right now.

The song, off his new album, Graffiti, has already reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

What do you think--does Rihanna Beater deserve another hit, or are you boycotting the track? Or do you think Brown just always sucked to begin with?

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