What Are Arizona's 100 Greatest Songs? (A Reminder)

What Are Arizona's 100 Greatest Songs? (A Reminder)

Can you believe we're nearly finished with December?

That means we're inching ever closer to the Arizona Centennial, and ever closer to our 100 Greatest Songs of Arizona list.

We need your help -- we've got some good suggestions in our 100greatestazsongs@gmail.com inbox, but we need more. What songs have rocked you? Do you have crazy insight into AZ's '80s hip-hop scene? Know of some Phoenix soul from the '70s? Did your band have a really good show last night at Long Wong's and you're sure that that song you played is one of the best ever?

Hit up 100greatestazsongs@gmail.com with your suggestions -- that way, when we publish our list and it pisses you off, you can tell everyone you tried to help.

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