What Are Arizona's 100 Greatest Songs? (Last Call, Folks.)

What Are Arizona's 100 Greatest Songs? (Last Call, Folks.)

Okay folks, the finish line is in sight.

February 14 marks the Arizona Centennial, and that means we're just about ready to break out 100 Greatest Songs of Arizona list. It's been fascinating reading your suggestions, which range from freakout post-punk to classic rock to Phoenix-based blues jams.

But there's still time for you to share your suggestions. We're going to keep the 100greatestazsongs@gmail.com email account open till the end of Friday, so if you've been slaving over a list or stalling, now's the time to hit "send" on that draft. Seriously -- cumbia, salsa, punk, jazz, rock, rap, folk, novelty gems -- if it's 'Zona it's fair game.

That's 100greatestazsongs@gmail.com. Do it to it. And remember our state motto: Ditat Deus -- God enriches.

Okay, that's not really pertinent, but send your tunes my way. Thanks.

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