What's Selling: Revolver Records

One of the coolest things about reading What's Selling every week is seeing how people in different parts of town at different record stores in the same city buy such drastically different kinds of records. Revolver Records attracts a lot of the die-hard vinyl consumers in CenPho, and their taste is pretty eclectic. This week their number one selling record comes from a well-known street market in Morocco.

Jemaa El Fna is known for its street performers, snake charmers, and musicians with speakers powered by car batteries. And you thought Phoenix was a cultural desert...

1. Various Artists, Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna
2. Abner Jay, Folk Song Stylist
3. Zs, New Slaves
4. Tony, Caro & John, All on the First Day
5. Kurt Vile, Square Shells
6. Damien Jurado, Saint Bartlett
7. The Skull Defekts, Skull Cm Von Hausswolff & Sons of God Descending
8. Band of Horses, Infinite Arms
9. Rangda, False Flag
10. Goatsnake, Flower of Disease


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