What's Selling: Zia Records Phoenix

The music lovers who frequent Zia Records in Phoenix tend to favor heavier fare -- typically metal and hip-hop. But they always pepper in a few surprises. While the latest from Bun B comes out on top this week, The Black Keys slide right in the middle. The newest Arcade Fire record that indie-hip kids just can't seem to get enough comes in underneath it, and Tech N9ne rounds out the list. If only everyone were this eclectic...

1. Bun B, Trill OG

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2. Black Label Society, Order of the Black
3. Rick Ross, Teflon Don
4. Esham, Suspended Animation
5. The Black Keys, Brothers
6. Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
7. Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare
8. Various Artists, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Soundtrack
9. Street Sweeper Social Club, The Ghetto Blaster EP
10. Tech N9ne, The Gates Mixed Plate


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