While We're Up Benefit @ Lawn Gnome Publishing

Zach Booher and his pop-punk band, While We're Up, might have been on their way to the Van's Warped Tour. The singer, along with his two bandmates, was following the tour in the summer of 2012 and playing shows in the same cities it hit. One night, on a freeway in Wisconsin, a tire blew out and their car rolled over. Booher, 22, was dead at the scene. The band never got to live out its musical dream, but Booher will be memorialized when eight local bands play a benefit show Saturday for an Arizona State University scholarship in his name. It's already received an endowment from the Warped Tour, but organizers need about $5,000 more before they can begin dispersing scholarships to ASU film students, so proceeds from the show will go directly to the scholarship. Shannon Conley, who worked with Zach when he was a community assistant at ASU, says, "His energy was infectious. He got you excited about music, life, and doing good. All the bands are united by this cause of this important scholarship [and] celebrating Zach's energy, creativity and passion to serve."


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