White Denim @ The Sail Inn

When you see the name White Denim, it'd be understandable to assume that the band would be some type of hair-metal tribute act. And while White Denim would make an awesome name for a '80s cover band, this act is definitely not stuck in the Reagan era. Instead, White Denim is yet another one of the great indie-rock bands to come out of Austin in recent years. Band members James Petralli, Joshua Block, Steve Terebecki, and recent addition to the group Austin Jenkins perform jammy blues rock but can shift genres at the drop of a hat. The group has garnered a decent amount of blog buzz around its previously released albums, Fits and Explosion, and has received an ongoing endorsement from popular indie-music blog Gorilla vs. Bear. The band is on tour in support of its latest album, D. If previous Valley shows are any indication, the band can get loud — which may not be such great news for the residents of the apartment complex located directly behind The Sail Inn in Tempe, where the band is scheduled to perform.


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