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Why Bar Rescue Saved Kid Chilleen's and Helped Close Rocky Point Cantina

Chilleen's on 17 -- way up 17, in Black Canyon City -- is still open, which is the first thing you'll notice about it if your previous experience with Bar Rescue was Tempe's Rocky Point Cantina closing almost immediately after being transformed into Havana Cabana. The second thing you'll notice is that it looks like a Bar Rescue success story -- it's awash in theme and wood, and everything goes together, and the people who come to meet me are much, much more telegenic than I am.

Donna and Aleah Chilleen tell me it mostly was like that before. And after watching Rocky Point Cantina try and fail to turn into a completely different bar over the course of a long weekend, it seems clear that that's why Chilleen's on 17 -- previously Kid Chilleen's Badass Barbecue -- still exists.

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Dan Moore