Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner @ El Santo Cantina

If Wolfgang Gartner were to compile a list of his biggest moments of 2012, the 30-year-old electro and progressive house producer would have plenty of fodder from which to pick. He not only collaborated with such EDM heavy-hitters as Deadmau5 (on the spectacular club banger "Animal Rights") and Tiësto (co-producing "We Own the Night," which scorched both the UK and Beatport charts), he also was ranked seventh on the annual "America's Best DJ" poll, beating out the likes of Mad Decent founder Diplo and Duck Sauce's A-Trak. And then there's the fact that Gartner got to perform at the Spike network's recent Video Game Awards, where he not only was suspended above the audience on an aerial stage (all while being strapped into a testicle-crushing body harness) but also got a pimp introduction from Mace Windu himself, ceremony host Samuel L. Jackson. It's not the only quasi-Star Wars connection Gartner's got going on recently, however. During last month's high-profile HARD LA festival at the legendary Hollywood Palladium, he provided a showstopping set from atop a custom-made globe-shaped and LED-covered DJ booth that he dubbed "The Death Star." And with all the bank that Gartner — a lifelong Star Wars fanatic — has been pulling down these days, we wouldn't be shocked if he somehow owns an actual Imperial Shuttle. It definitely would come in handy getting him betwixt the pair of gigs he's scheduled to work on New Year's Eve in different states, first in Denver and then, a few hours later, at the Last Dance affair in Scottsdale. Hope there ain't any delays at the spaceport, er, airport. May the force be with him.


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