Go through the looking glass this weekend at Wonder, an Alice in Wonderland-themed rave at a yet-to-be-announced location on Saturday night. Wonder ought to be one of the biggest parties around here this summer -- local DJ Kore, of azhardcorejunkies.com, says, "If this doesn't bring everybody out, then there's nothing that will."

Chicago hard-core legend Delta 9 is headlining the hard-core room, where Kore and his partner, promoter DJ Cik, also will play; the drum 'n' bass room has California's CRS2 headlining, with local faves DFT and Ariel, and Miss Jag; on the break stage, local P.R.G. headlines, alongside other Zonies like Skwert, Louder, and AWOL; and the trance room has local C.L. McSpadden headlining. Expect it to be loud, with Swell's GOD sound system pumping bass, and eclectic, with Wonderland characters wandering amongst the lasers. Tickets for the July 3 party are $20 at the door or presale at Swell and Southwest Soundworks. For more information, call the info line at 480-871-6009.


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