Wooden Indian @ Chopper John's

Local boys Ross Andrews and Wally Boudway are very open about the love-hate relationship they have with Phoenix. "The only thing we love as much as we hate Phoenix is Phoenix," the two quip on their Facebook page. The tug-of-war between love and hate seems to drive the duo's music. Along with an assembly of musicians they call the Thunder Choir, the duo form the dance-party blues band known as Wooden Indian. Influenced by such disparate sounds as Afropop, sunny '60s rock, and modern bands like Wilco and Animal Collective, Wooden Indian pits erratic psychedelic riffs against twangy folk melodies while keeping a pop sensibility that's easy to shuffle to. It's kind of like a groovy contradiction in motion, fit for bringing joy and happiness to a city that's still discovering its musical identity (much like the band).


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