I'm still upset RZA wasn't there, but ODB's son was!!!!!
I'm still upset RZA wasn't there, but ODB's son was!!!!!

Wu-Tang Clan Light Up, Diss SB 1070 at Celebrity Theatre

Method Man made a lot of Arizonans happy last night at the Wu-Tang Clan concert at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Not only did he smoke a blunt on-stage, he also dissed SB 1070, calling it whack and inviting local politicians to suck his dick. He wasn't the only one smoking in the audience -- there was a lot of marijuana being smoked in the venue, which probably made Wu's music all that much more enjoyable. Read on to see what people were saying after the show.

@djd98- @wutour was good. :) too much...

@culturevi- Great fucking show. Wu put it down.

@yas_duh- SICK SHOW!!!!!!!! Meth picked up a lit blunt & finished it in no time!!!!!!!! M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!!!!!!!

@kind_az- @The_Real_WuTang Show was bangin!!!

@yayamartinez- My ears are still raaaangin. The Wu doesn't play...

@badadviceman- Yo the Wu Tang concert was fucking ILL AS SHIT tonight. Lauren I had a fuckin ball.

@FSCAZ- Concert WAS BOMB!!!

@DaphneKTAR- Method Man just dissed SB1070 @ Wu-Tang concert. "That immigration {#%^ is whack. Arizona politicians can suck my +€#^!" - huge cheer.

@formTHAGUNMAN- Just got off work. Waiting on da hommie sybe frum da infamous TM to bring da leftover blunts frum da wu tang show.. bout to be blowwwddddd!

@Ije83- Eyes are burning from the wu tang show, now time to get some sleep!

@TheRealRichRico- I got a whole new respect for Wu-Tang! This might be one of the best live shows I've ever seen!!

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