Yann Tiersen @ The Venue Scottsdale

If the name Yann Tiersen rings a bell, it's probably because his music was used on the incredibly adorable soundtrack for the 2001 film Amelie, which showcased his whimsical use of instrumentation and romanticism. How does an avant-garde composer with a love of post-punk follow that up? In the 10 years since scoring Amelie, he probably could have made a living making French music for American dilettantes, but instead, he's taken a delightfully strange artistic career path; Tiersen's worked with the Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser and Georgia singer/songwriter Shannon Wright, created a particularly memorable backing track for Sage Francis' "The Best of Times" last year, and released his own albums. Last year's Dust Lane is a meditation on death that would probably be accessible to Sigur Rós or Godspeed You! Black Emperor fans — atmospheric at points, folk-oriented at others but certainly far darker and moodier than the accordion-heavy bits of fancy that you heard as Audrey Tautou and her large eyes walked through Paris. At Venue Scottsdale, Tiersen probably will perform some earlier work, but expect spoken-word bits, vintage synths, and moments of improvisational violin. It may not sound like a soundtrack to a vintage vermouth poster purchased at Z Gallerie, but it's worth your time to give Tiersen, an incredibly talented and versatile composer at the top of his craft, the opportunity to impress you with what he's done in the past decade.


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