You Asked For It: A House Divided

You Asked For It: A House Divided

Band: A House Divided, a Phoenix-based four-piece alt-rock band that sounds like the recently re-united Creed.
Record: A House Divided EP
Basics: I suspect being compared to Creed will be seen as damning A House Divided with faint praise -- and I sorta mean it to -- but this band also does some of the same things right. They have big, powerful guitar riffs and a clear, polished sound. They also display a flair for the dramatic on songs like "Illusions," a trait I am not as fond of.

Best Song: "When I'm Gone," opens with a huge riff and wisely lets vocals play second fiddle. "Another Song For You," has a great little bass line.
Worst Song: "These Chains," hints at the big, bold rock sound I'd like to hear from A House Divided, but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired, and things never quite hit the crescendo you'd hope for. It's the most disappointing song on the record and, therefore, the worst.
Suggested Changes: More big riffs, less dramatic pacing.
Grade: B-

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