You Asked For It: American Gods

You Asked For It: American Gods

Band: American Gods, a Phoenix hard rock/metal/industrial twosome with a sense of humor.
Record: EC-10, which is either a very long 8-song EP or a very short 8 song LP.
Basics: The band claims Fear Factory, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, and KMFDM as influences and you'll hear plenty of that here, along with a little touch of Tool (the lofty refrain to "Machina") and some Atari Teenage Riot ("Hampster Stomp!").

Best Song: "Exi(s)t" has a Stabbing Westward feel and some nice foreboding synth lines. The breakdown about 4:30 in is some of the most polished and professional sounding stuff on the record.
Worst Song: "Hamster Stomp!" is annoying not only because of the stupid name but because the overpowering drum kicks that totally hide anything else going on in the song. A hamster could very well get stomped in the background and we wouldn't hear it.
Suggested Changes: EC-10 does what it's trying to do very well, but not better than it was done 10+ years ago when industrial music was at its peak. Some newer influences might help the band freshen things up a bit.
Grade: B

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