You Asked For It: Halocene

You Asked For It: Halocene

Band: Halocene
Record: The Secret, a six-song EP
Basics: Halocene is a Phoenix female-fronted fivesome that's a little bit Letters to Cleo, a little bit Veronicas, a little bit The Maine. For the most part they've got a pure pop rock sound but they show a little edge from time to time.

Best Song: I like my female-fronted pop rock with a anthemic sing-along choruses (Think: The Anniversary's "D In Detroit") so I was most fond of "Rumble."
Worst Song: I sure did hate the "Rock 'N Roll Radio" aping opening to "Limerence" and the song's story confuses me (wait... so she got dumped and then?) but it's not too terrible.
Suggested Changes: I know this is going to sound weird coming from a critic but I'd like to hear more big choruses and less story telling.
Grade: A-

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