You Asked For It: The Plump Tones

You Asked For It: The Plump Tones

Band: The Plump Tones, a Prog-leaning Classic rock type band from Chandler.
Record: Brown Chicken Brown Cow album
Basics: The Plump Tones sound like what they look like: A gang o' weekend warriors playing some funky, often-instrumental jams. They're competent but not fully gelled and seem more interested in rocking out than rocking.

Best Song: "Fire It Up," is one of the best constructed songs on the record, starting out with a Kill 'Em All riff and featuring some of the best vocals on the disc. There is a bit too much cowbell -- even Will Ferrell would say so -- and the lyrics are inane car-related shit but at least there's no overly-masturbatory solos.
Worst Song: I'm not really fond of "Astronaut" which is a little too Rush-y for my taste. The following song "Amplitude," showcases the band at it's show-boating worst, playing a bunch of big solos that don't really seem to have any context.
Suggested Changes: More rocking, less rocking out. Like a lot of weekend warrior types they need to worry more about the quality of their songs and less about their musicianship.
Grade: C-

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