You Should Watch the New Goth Brooks Music Video For "She Thinks My Hearse Is Sexy"

If an industrial-country-hip-hop mash-up band sounds like a bit of a gimmick to you, you're right.

But then again, there's Goth Brooks, and the band is deadly serious.

Take the music video for "She Thinks My Hearse Is Sexy," a song that combines elements of the theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, "Save a Horse [Ride a Cowboy]" "Honkytonk Badonkadonk," and who knows what else into a song that feels like a scavenger hunt while listening — you never know what sample you're going to recognize next.

Then there's the video, which New Times is premiering today. Directed by George R. Gifford, the video takes place at Rawhide in Chandler and features everything you'd expect from a band like Goth Brooks — horses, cowboys, a giant chain with golden truck nuts attached, country dancers, a gothic dancer, a poncho, and a poker game.

You'd better just watch for yourself.


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