Dan Keyes: Young Love's boogie captain.

Young Love

Watching Young Love mastermind Dan Keyes wriggle his hips behind the microphone as he yelps, "If you get the chance/You must dance dance dance" on the R&B-tinged "Find a New Way," one would never know that he used to be a member of an emo band. Keyes, formerly the moping frontman of Recover, has re-imagined his musical stylings into swift, dancey numbers that sound like what might happen if his former band had a baby with Justin Timberlake. Fueled by dynamic beats and lines like, "You make fast living look just fine," Young Love rips through songs that urge the crowd to get their bodies moving on the dance floor. "Discotech" is the clear highlight of every Young Love show, with its infectious chorus and driving beat that gives you no choice but to follow Keyes' instructions to "dance dance dance."


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