Youngstown: They got the cinnamon touch -- and some handsome calling cards.


Not only does this CD feature the hit song "Sugar," but it's endorsed by Radio Disney, and the Disney Channel. Plus there's a free AT&T Calling Card inside! It's good for five minutes -- billed in one-minute increments. There's a surcharge for calls made from pay phones, but you can still use it anywhere within the U.S./Canada and the Caribbean.

Just scratch off the PIN number, 24 hours a day, every day; rates vary and are subject to change. The card is 33/8 inches by 21/8 inches. It is nonlaminated, yet has a glossy sheen. The card fits comfortably in a wallet or shirt pocket. You could call your dawgs and go: "Tonight I'm with my crew -- just chillin', kickin' it with Youngstown!" ("Dance Floor [Part 2]"). Or you could call up that special baby girl and go: "You got the cinnamon touch -- yeahhhhh. I gotta get with you, gotta get with you tonight. Wanna do my thang with you ooh, ooh -- you're so tight" ("So Tight").

My card has a picture of Dallas. There's one with D.C. And another one with Sammy. You can collect all six!


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