Z-Trip Breaks Collar Bone Snowboarding, Will He Play Coachella?

Z-Trip Breaks Collar Bone Snowboarding, Will He Play Coachella?

Arizona-bred DJ Hero Z-Trip broke his clavicle snowboarding last week and has canceled all his shows leading up to Coachella.

The Tripster also dropped out of the upcoming A-Team movie soundtrack.

The DJ, raised here but now based Los Angeles (apparently this is something The Arizona Republic doesn't know yet) had emergency surgery Wednesday and is "recovering nicely," according to his publicist.

And as for Coachella? Well...

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"Z-Trip is at this time scheduled to make his triumphant return to the stage at this year's Coachella Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, April 17 as planned," the statement said.

We're not exactly sure how he fell, but considering he tweeted about hanging with the Gold Medal winning half-piper formerly known as The Flying Tomato ("Just met and chopped it up with @Shaun_White and one of his friends, cool dudes," he wrote) the day before the accident here's hoping it involved big air.

Z is out for shows at SXSW and in Las Vegas and Dubai.

In the meantime, check out this fantastic Mp3 remix of Chic's "Le Freak" via So Much Silence.

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